Thursday, March 4, 2010

Xtagged is still in its infancy. NCTRUNEWS

As with the Internet, social media will be here for a very long time. It is the new way of communicating not only for television and corporations; it has become the tool of choice for the average citizens. That media includes Twitter, U-Tube, Facebook, and everyone today appears to be Blogging. This increase puts a lot of citizens at risk and there is always the question of ‘Who is behind the Mask’ and ‘How can I trust if the person that I am conversing with is real.’ This is an extremely serious issue and it is no joke. That’s why Xtagged was created. It forces the person on the other end to brand themselves. It is no laughing matter when thousands of children and adults are raped and killed each year because they trusted someone behind the ‘Mask.’ If anyone thinks this is funny, tell it to the parents that are in the news each week that are traumatized at discovering that their child was raped and killed by someone that they met in a social environment such as Twitter or U-Tube. Xtagged does not claim to have all of the answers; Xtagged is still in its infancy. At least it is the starting point and we predict that the technology will only get better with time.

Monday, February 22, 2010


UTXPATROL = Andres Esquivel.

I have been asked by my lawyer to make a statement regarding Ryion Butcher and the video guys. Some of you may have searched the 354uul Ryion's portal. The pictures that are displayed on the portal verify that xtagged is legitimate. I had proof of Ryion’s wrong doing months ago; however, I was too busy to focus on him and his games. At the same time, Ryion unknowingly made traffic for the site which resulted in people joining Xtagged. I did begin to have doubts about Ryion; however, I felt that in time the truth would prevail. For that reason I decided to focus my energy on the safety of xtagged. I would like to confirm that xtagged is still here and needs your support to succeed in full.

I would like for all to remember that I am branded at Xtagged. To my personal taggs Xpatrol if i was a scam as ryion says, why would i leave a trail, unlike all the other scams online that don't leave any trace. if you were scammed on eBay wouldn't you like to know their plate number if you were scammed on dating site or craigs list, see thats xtagged, it gives us a tool for safety. So ask yourself why would ryion do this.

Dont wonder why he would want to shut xtagged down here is why in full.

He was caught trying to overcharge for services to xtagged video/web. I suspect that his dishonesty was done in an effort to get his $5,000 investment back and then ride along with the rest of investors that had risked all that they had.

This infuriated me and I fired Ryion along with the video crew(his friends) and his brother john.

Ryion would have gotten his money back just as his friend Logan(search 354UUL).

If ryion wouldn't have blogged under fake screen names and told his lies, now he must wait for court.

So we do owe thanks, because we now knew that Ryion had proven that Xtagged needed to make a better blogging system, where no one can hide behind screen names.

We were surprised to learn that Ryion and Danny were directly involved with City Weekly. Whenever one of xtagged people tried to come back to their blog, someone inside was deleting the blogs.

I was provided proof that the blogs were being camcorded. The evidence also showed that the blogs were caught on video and someone was deleting the blogs from the site after they had been posted. So I asked everyone to stop.

All three men signed non-disclosers and non-compete documents. I would have not been able to do a thing about their blogs because they were using fake screen names.

Our people were using their brand and would even add a link to their portal just to prove it was them. The persons at City Weekly would only delete the blogs from us that had proof. They cannot delete this Blog.

{When communicating with Ryion’s wife, I was quick to notice her dedication and commitment as a parent. She is the type of mother that is committed to keeping her children safe. For example, (Future) if one were to pick up her daughter for a date, one would first have to go into the home and meet the parent.

As a precaution, Ryion’s wife would wisely follow her daughter and the date back to the car and make a mental note of the car tag(plate).

The date would clearly see that if anything were to happen to her pride and joy, HE would be held accountable.

This isn't only for daughters, but for everyone and All, Safety to the fullest extent.


By just looking at the mother’s eyes that are focused on the car tag(Plate), the parent has planted a mental note with the escort that if he should try anything out of the ordinary, he will be easily traced.

That is the tool that millions of mothers are using to protect their children across the country. That is Xtagged in a nutshell!

Moms soon will ask "Is he Xtagged" So Brand Yourself!

But with warning from me, your brand will become your reputation as Xpatrol has become mine, if you were to manipulate women it would follow you.

I have a great example, being xtagged is like being famous your brand follows you. just the same as tiger woods if you all have been following the news not twitter you have seen girl by girl accuse him of womanizing its because his famous he can't run from it, well he is only one of millions of men that womanize.

The others just change there names at websites so you women cant narrow them down.

So how bold and honest will that person be if he is branded Xtagged, think about it remember the only person that can speak against a person who is xtagged should as well be xtagged.

See ryion deleted his xtagged portal because his hate prompted him to go blog under fake user names.

The number one rule when signing up with xtagged is to upload a picture of yourself along with your car with the tags being visible. That has been our Rule from day one.

This can be proven by going to any history website that keeps still pictures of websites and look at our website then and now. You will see that xtagged has always been about Safety first and not games and we challenge anyone who says different The Xtagged site has been the same since day one.

We never set out to copy websites; we only provide a portal linking system to work with them not against them. We have Zones for people to verify each other and not a friends list. We have plate number email not send message boxes. In addition, we still have three major applications that we have not released due to patent pending.

2010 is the year Xtagged will make things safe. please watch for our (BIG) new years eve announcement it will run on video front page

( Me,Steve,Dean).

All i can say is please be safe, all you kids if your talking to someone online and you don't know who they are just ask there plate number if your ever going too meet if they don't have car. Well then there parents car because if your talking to someone bad trust me that will start them running.

Or parents if your buying something from ebay, craigs list etc. even if your not on xtagged. just be safe!

I would like to finish up this Xblog with a big thank you to Becky Dunn.

She has been with xtagged for two years strong and will be joining our X(cross) my heart movement.

I would like to share a recent email that she sent me, to share with all who read this.

We all can make each other strongER Just with words. From kids to adults. It’s easy. No secrets here, just say it or even as Becky did just push that "Send" button with that email of words that change A LIFE as Becky did for me. And a plug for xtagged "Know, Really know who you are sending it too!

THX again Becky for this!

Hater/ By Maya Angelou

A hater is someone who is jealous and envious and spends all
their time trying to make you look small so they can look tall.
They are very negative people to say the least.

Nothing is ever good enough!

When you make your mark, you will always attract some haters...

That's why you have to be careful with whom you share your
blessings and your dreams, because some folk can't handle
seeing you blessed....

It's dangerous to be like somebody else... If God wanted you to be
like somebody else, He would have given you what He gave them!

You never know what people have gone through to get what they

The problem I have with haters is that they see my glory, but they
don't know my story...

If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, you can
rest assured that the water bill is higher there too!

We've all got some haters among us!

Some people envy you because you can:

a) Have a relationship with God
b) Light up a room when you walk in
c) Start your own business
d) Tell a man / woman to hit the curb
(if he / she isn't about the right thing)
e) Raise your children without both parents being in the home

Haters can't stand to see you happy.
Haters will never want to see you succeed.

Most of our haters are people who are supposed to be on our side.

How do you handle your undercover haters?
You can handle these haters by:

1. Knowing who you are & who your true friends are

2. Having a purpose to your life: Purpose does not mean having a job...
You can have a job and still be unfulfilled.

A purpose is having a clear sense of what God has called you to be.
Your purpose is not defined by what others think about you.

3. By remembering what you have is by divine
prerogative and not
human manipulation.

Fulfill your dreams! You only have one life to live...when its your
time to leave this earth, you 'want' to be able to say, 'I've lived my
life and fulfilled 'my' dreams,... Now I'm ready to go HOME!

When God gives you favor, you can tell your haters, 'Don't look at
me...Look at Who is in charge of me...'

Pass this to all of your family & friends who you know are not
hating on you including the person who sent it to you.

If you don't get it back, maybe you called somebody out!

Don't worry about it, it's not your problem, it's theirs..
Just pray for them, that their life can be as fulfilled as yours!
Watch out for Haters...BUT most of all don't become a HATER!

'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man
should have to seek Him first to find her.'

Maya Angelou

"X marks the spot, Where we can all learn alot"
THX & Merry X-mas Andy!

Monday, August 3, 2009


we are inviting all to downtown Cheyenne tonight to lean how to sign up Free at xtagged to be on the road of safety and no more spam! this why my username is UTXPATROL we just started tour of 10 states our sponsor L.A insurance has funded us in full for 3 months of tour we will have a map of tour soon that u can see at my portal Xpatrol at