Thursday, March 4, 2010

Xtagged is still in its infancy. NCTRUNEWS

As with the Internet, social media will be here for a very long time. It is the new way of communicating not only for television and corporations; it has become the tool of choice for the average citizens. That media includes Twitter, U-Tube, Facebook, and everyone today appears to be Blogging. This increase puts a lot of citizens at risk and there is always the question of ‘Who is behind the Mask’ and ‘How can I trust if the person that I am conversing with is real.’ This is an extremely serious issue and it is no joke. That’s why Xtagged was created. It forces the person on the other end to brand themselves. It is no laughing matter when thousands of children and adults are raped and killed each year because they trusted someone behind the ‘Mask.’ If anyone thinks this is funny, tell it to the parents that are in the news each week that are traumatized at discovering that their child was raped and killed by someone that they met in a social environment such as Twitter or U-Tube. Xtagged does not claim to have all of the answers; Xtagged is still in its infancy. At least it is the starting point and we predict that the technology will only get better with time.

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